DIY Mop Head from Old T-Shirts

I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do, but buying those mop heads are so expensive. I used to feel like I had to buy a new one every two months or sooner.

So so I decided that I would try to make my own mop head. So I took out the wool from the old one I had and replaced it with t-shirt material! Easy peasy!

DIY Mop Head

3-4 old large t-shirts
old mop top
screw driver


1) Cut below one arm across to the othe arm leaving a tube.


2) Cut along one side seam of the tube.


3) Cut tube in strips going across from the side seam that is cut to the uncut seam.

4) Repeat with remaining shirts

5) Use the screwdriver to help open the prongs on the metal part of the mop head and remove the old wool from the mop.

6) Replace the old would with the strips of cloth that you cut up and reassemble to mop head.


Finished Mop

Isn’t it pretty? And yes it mops fantastic!



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