Task 10- Learn Something New

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This is that last task of the 30 Day Health Challenge 2014. It was a great challenge for me. 

Now this task is to learn something new for the remainder of November.

What Did I learn today?

I learnt the chords on the piano for Silent Night! Not a shabby job at playing it, if I might say so myself.

Here are some ideas for things you can learn







~ mechanics

~ tiling

~ building

~another language

This are just a few that were and still are on my list.

What things have your learnt today?

What are some of the things on your list of things to learn?


Detox your Body

With all of the pollutants around us, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat,, the utensils we use, etc., we need to detox our systems ever so often. This could mean once a week, once a month etc. depending on the type of detox you are doing.

Here are some ways to detox your body

1) fast at least once a week

2) Eat whole foods whole that is in their natural state

3) Use herbs aimed at different types of detox according to the specifications

4) follow an eliminating cleansing diet.

5) use a fruit or vegetable detox

6) drink plenty of water





How Much Time do you spend outdoors in the fresh air?


Here’s how to calculate the amount of time you spend outdoors in the fresh air

Outside time in fresh air ÷24 hours x 100

This shows you how much time you are spending cooped up, inside your house, the office, school,  a car, train, bus etc.


But,you might say

“I am asleep for at least 7. 5 hours so that calculation is not fair since I need to sleep!”


Let us calculate the amount of waking time we spend outdoors in fresh air.

Outside time in fresh air ÷ 16.5 X 100


I am aiming for at least 6% of my waking hours to be out getting some fresh air. 

Benefits of Fresh Air

Yesterday was the start of

Task 8: Get out in the fresh air

I know that:

– Some places are extremely cold.

– Some places have several inches of snow.

But fresh air is extremely important. Even a few short minutes will do.


Click the picture below to read about some of the benefits of fresh air

benefits of fresh air


Task #7

This is day 2 of Task #7- do Something fun everyday!

You might be surprised to find that this challenge is extremely difficult to accomplish in this high stress, time consuming world.

What fun thing did I do today?

– I made chocolate mousse! Yum!

What do I plan to do tonight for fun?

– I plan to cut out some things to sew for a little baby. Sewing relaxes me when I am not rushing to get something done. And even then, I still enjoy it tremendously.

– I plan to watch a “chick flick” as my husband calls it- you know the ones that everything goes like a fairytale and there are no tears in the picture and you can just watch the picture without any overly negative emotions.

Now for my check-in:

With 7 tasks started I am finding that there are 2 that I am struggling with (beginning with the most difficult one)

Task 2
Drinking enough water has always been a challenge for me and it is hard. But I am working on all the tips I shared so that I can get adequate water daily.

Task 1
Getting adequate rest is hard with trying to complete my thesis after the children have gone to be since they leave me no time to do it during the day. But last night I was in bed by 9:30 p.m. It is almost 7 and I will work until 8 then sew while I unwind with the picture playing. I plan to be in my be by 10 p.m. the latest.