Benefits of Fresh Air

Yesterday was the start of

Task 8: Get out in the fresh air

I know that:

– Some places are extremely cold.

– Some places have several inches of snow.

But fresh air is extremely important. Even a few short minutes will do.


Click the picture below to read about some of the benefits of fresh air

benefits of fresh air



November 2014 30 Day Health Challenge Schedule

health challenge BUTTON


This health challenge is progressive. We will start out with Task 1 and every 3 days we will add a new task. We will continue to do the previous task(s). At the end of the challenge we will be doing all tasks at the same time.


SCHEDULE for next month’s health challenge

Task 1

Date: November 1- 30  2014

~ get adequate rest

 Task 2

Date: November 4- 30 2014

~ drink 8 glasses of water

Task 3

Date:  November 7-30 2014

~ eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables

 Task 4

Date: November 10-30 2014

~ exercise for 30 minutes per day

Task 5

Date: November 13-30 2014

~ take care of your skin

Task 6

Date: November 16-30 2014

~ do not eat any refined sugar

Task 7

Date: November 19-30 2014

~ do something fun everyday

Task 8

Date: November 22-30 2014

~ gget out in fresh air (a few minutes a day despite the cold weather)

Task 9

Date: November 25-30 2014

~ detox your body

Task 10

Date: November 28-30 2014

~ learn something new


Look out for:

– a printable  version of this schedule

– list of important items for the challenge

– a blank meal plan

– blank shopping Nove

– November meal plan


New 30 Day Health Challenge 1 November 2014

health challenge BUTTON

Finally! The 30 day health challenge will begin:

1 November 2014.

I feel like this has been sooooo long in coming.

Look out for more details very soon.

Next week I will post:

1) the schedule for the challenge

2) info about important things needed for the challenge (don’t worry. I just mean info about get ing the right shoes for exercise etc.)