When Light Turns to Into Darkness


I remember how excited I was while waiting for a positive result. When we got it I was so excited and afraid.

I tried on every piece of clothing I had with a pillow under it. I did not envision getting a big preggo belly so I imagine getting a few maternity clothes to add to the clothes I had.

My husband and I went shopping for 2 dresses and 1 shirt about 1 week after we found out because we were so excited (Ok I was bouncing off the walls with excitement while he was just excited).

We waited to tell everyone after confirmation from the doctor and after the first trimester. About 2 weeks after we got confirmation from the OB/GYN, I started to feel very sick. I felt like I had gotten a case of horrible food poisoning. I was extremely tired, nauseated and started to feel like I was going to die.

Something was wrong.

I could not believe this was just the pregnancy so one evening I went to a doctor who would see me immediately-a GP. I got in there described my symptoms and told him I was pregnant. He congratulated me and told me take some vitamins and use ginger.

I tried the ginger, i tried the vitamins, but I was just feeling so sick. Good thing I was on vacation! I had no energy to get up and do anything, no appetite and I was constantly nauseated.

My excitement was beginning to wane as I got sicker.

“Ok this will get better soon,” I remember thinking.

Then I noticed that swallowing made my stomach burn and made me more nauseated than ever.

Then it happened.

The vomiting began at about 7 weeks. So now here I was, feeling like I got run over by a bus, tired to the point of not being able to get out of bed, spitting all the time to avoid throwing up, talking less to avoid swallowing my saliva, being constantly nauseated.

My exciting pregnancy was not going so well at all.

Look out for more of my HG story.