When I was younger there we loads of pomegranate trees around us. Everytime we went to the supermarket we would pick some and eat. Sometimes we would bite into the bitter skin by mistake in our zeal to devour the juicy seeds!

In my teens, I replaced eating Pemergranates with all kinds of junk food. But in adulthood I returned to those childhood foods that we not only delicious but healthy.

Recently I went by my mother and enjoyed one of her delicious pomegranates. Yum!

Here is a shot of a pomegranate from my mother’s tree.


Check back for more information about this super fruit called pomegranate!


Banana Lime Soft Serve Ice Cream

We were looking for easy recipes and so we got a dessert bullet. Everyone loves using it because it is so se.

Recently we made a quick dessert for the children.


2 ripe bananas

juice from 1/2 lime



Mix bananas and lime juice together. Taste to make sure that it is not too sour for you. If it is you can add a sweetener at this point.

Freeze banana- lime paste in ice tray until completely frozen.

Run the ice cubes through the dessert blender.