My Stomach is big

A few days ago, we were all sitting at the table eating breakfast. My 2 year old daughter said:

“My belly is big like yours mommy. It has in a baby!

I was like ” Hey now, my stomach is not all that big!”

But alas it is.

In my defense I would also like to mention that we recently read a Topsy and Tim story called “The New Baby” so that is what most likely sparked her statement and not the actual size of my belly (my husband might chime in here and say that is wishful thinking but I am sticking to that story)


Unfortunately I am not able to do anything much about my big belly since I have a massive hernia that I plan on getting fixed. But not right now.

Until then, I’ll have to work on other areas of my body- my butt, legs, arms and chest. And of course I’ll be working on my skin.

Now the question in which one shall I work on first? Share your ideas with me.

And of course having a fun challenge to go along with it will make it even more doable.

Stay tuned for a new challenge.


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