How Much Time do you spend outdoors in the fresh air?


Here’s how to calculate the amount of time you spend outdoors in the fresh air

Outside time in fresh air ÷24 hours x 100

This shows you how much time you are spending cooped up, inside your house, the office, school,  a car, train, bus etc.


But,you might say

“I am asleep for at least 7. 5 hours so that calculation is not fair since I need to sleep!”


Let us calculate the amount of waking time we spend outdoors in fresh air.

Outside time in fresh air ÷ 16.5 X 100


I am aiming for at least 6% of my waking hours to be out getting some fresh air. 


Benefits of Fresh Air

Yesterday was the start of

Task 8: Get out in the fresh air

I know that:

– Some places are extremely cold.

– Some places have several inches of snow.

But fresh air is extremely important. Even a few short minutes will do.


Click the picture below to read about some of the benefits of fresh air

benefits of fresh air