November 2014 Health Challenge Check in #1

health challenge BUTTON

Tomorrow is the start of

Task 3

eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

Look out for information on the importance of fruits and vegetables later tonight.

How has the 30 Day Health Challenge November 2014 Edition  been going for me so far?


Day 5 of the challenge I did not get in adequate water. 😞. I know, I know. But I knew this would be my hardest challenge of all so I am making sure to pay extra special attention to this task.

Now in preparation for the exercise segment, I searched for exercise videos for children, so I could have fun with the children, while exercising. They were full of energy for the most part, as children are. Me- I was so tired from those videos.

Here is the link to the playlist

Be sure to follow the instructions in the videos. They are a fun way to get some exercise done with the children.

And be sure to look out for a post on exercise tips.


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