Give me a break about what I can drink sheesh!


For the first few weeks of my pregnancies the only liquids that would “possibly” stay down were two drinks loaded with sugar, of course. With the first pregnancy  (yup you read that right. I was crazy enough to do it twice! Lol) there was a drink that contains glucose and fructose that I could drink. I don’t even know how much sugar was in that drink but for sure it was A LOT. I got the “You are going to get diabetes” talk or rather statement.

With the second pregnancy, it was red soda. And I also got the speech.

I know the statements were well meaning, but there was nothing else that I could drink. At least they contained loads of ice and were diluted, since I could not drink them without adding water. Really, it was more like I was drinking flavoured water than anything.

But, I admit those drinks were not the healthiest choice. I knew that. Having someone remind me that the only thing I could drink and wanted to risk drinking was one of the worst things I could be drinking, just made me want to scream

“Give me a break sheesh! You don’t think I know that these drinks are not healthy for me to be drinking all the time?! You think I would be drinking these if I could drink anything else?!!”

But I didn’t scream that. I just felt really sad because I was so tired and sick f being constantly sick and starving and dehydrated,  and yet people were telling me that I could not enjoy one.single.thing in my pregnancy….a drink?!

I KNEW soda was not a great beverage choice. But, when you have HG, you eat and drink what you think has the greatest likelihood of staying down. Most times that means that you get 30 minutes to let the food begin to digest; sometimes, unfortunately, it means that you get less than that.

But when you find something that stays down, you relish that.

Two years have passed and I still can tell you EXACTLY how it feels when you find that drink. You feel so excited and relieved at the same time…a huge weight is lifted and you just want to dance with excitement and scream to the top of you voice “I can Drink something!”

But alas, I was far too sick and tired and weak to do that, so I just savoured the drinks when I could, praying that they would not return the way they entered, because boy did those burn!


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