I am sooo thirsty but I dear not drink


With HG, nothing stays down. Not food, not fruit and not even water.

The only way I could possible drink something was if it was a glass of water with about a table spoon of  juice or malt and it was chilled to almost freezing. And sometimes that did not work.

I spent a lot of time opening my freezer to just take 1 or 2 sips of liquid and return it to the freezer to maintain that ideal temperature. If ice formed in it I had to let it thaw a bit and then return to the freezer to get to the “just before the ice forms” temperature.

My lips were constantly dry, shining and split because I was so dehydrated. My eyes even felt dry and gritty because I could not get in enough fluid. There were times I am not sure if I even would have produced tears because I was so dehydrated.

There were days that the thought of throwing up another time was so horrifying that even risking 1 sip of water was too much for me to do.

Then to top off the dehydration, I got the “you got to drink something.” “You are using so much salt and not drinking water you will end up with high blood pressure”. Thanks.

Ok, I know they meant well, but unless you know what it feels like to be unable to drink anything for days on end, while throwing up all the time, these statements, though well meaning, only serve to add burden to an already suffering, depressed, hormonal pregnant woman, who is so sick that she thinks that she just might die or her baby might die.

Many nights I would wake up with my throat so parched that I almost had no saliva. But because I was up at all sorts of hours I came to realize that if I woke up and went straight to the freezer in the wee hours of the morning, I could actually drink more than a sip (maybe a cup) of water.

This is how I managed to get liquid into me- my 2am or 3 am trips to the freezer. Any other time, was a sip and possible a trip to the bathroom.


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