Hoping Against Hope


My mother and two sisters were both sick during their pregnancies.

my eldest sister got better at around 7 months, but my mother and other sister were sick the entire time. I was hoping that I would get better after the first trimester and be able to really enjoy being pregnant.

I had ptyalism (over production of saliva). If I swallowed it, I threw up. Neither my mother or sisters had it, so I was certain that since my pregnancy  was so different to theirs, it meant that I wouldn’t be sick the entire time.

My OB, after informing me that this was the worse case he has seem of ptyalism, told me about ginger, eating in small amounts, eating crackers, and gave me medication.

By the time I was nearing the end of my first trimester, I had begun to throw up at least 10 times everyday. And to top it off, I was back to teaching 4-5 year olds, where I had to talk constantly, and be active (which I couldn’t). I had no energy , every scent known to man made me nauseated or throw up.

I sat right by the window at work so that the air would blow the scents of food, crayons, markers, people, away.

Month 3 had come and things were worse than ever. The spitting would not let up and I would only get about 2 or 3 hours sleep because I spit so much I could not fall asleep. The nausea was constant, the vomiting was 10+ times everyday, I had no energy…

My hope was beginning to be lost as I realized that this might last the entire 9 months.

I became depressed….


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