Living Allergen Friendly in an Allergy Unfriendly Environment

Not only are we vegan, but due to food allergies and intolerances my children and I are also gluten, soy and corn free. My husband is just vegan. But, since I do most of the cooking, he is gluten, soy and corn free most days!

Now getting things that are free of these allergens is soooooooo hard! I spent so much time researching the names that these allergens can be listed as. I also spent a lot of time reading labels. But, after a while I just decided to use the products we are certain are safe and if I feel like it, I might check out another product.

Navigating products was really stressful for us in the beginning of this journey and we ended up getting exposed to allergens a lot in the beginning. So I decided to cook from scratch. As it is right now, the only things we have in our house that are canned is tomato paste. We don’t buy substitute meats (even if the contained things we could eat).

Buying “flour” that we can use is extremely expensive, so we stick with the most inexpensive ones we can get- cassava, garbanzo, occasionally sorghum,  hence the ingredients I the recipes I post.

So our grocery list pretty much always contains these items:

– A wide variety of peas

– a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables

– frozen mango and strawberries

– gluten free oats

– garbanzo and cassava flour

– grape seed oil

– olive oil

– coconut oil

– turmeric (I use so much turmeric It isn’t funny)

I’ m getting better at being creative with recipes and I am still trying to find other things that go along with our dietary requirements.

Being vegan and allergen friendly takes a bit of work, but you just “do what you gotta do!”

Oh and did I mention that we actually were able to eat at a local restaurant that catered to our specific dietary needs. No one got sick so it definitely looks like they were pretty good at being able to cater to our allergy needs.


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