Getting Produce at a Local Farm

We moved. I don’t have a garden. I haven’t had one for a long time to be honest, since I let my fears of “creatures” get the best of me. But I have planted a few things in pots on my patio, so hopefully this is the step back to having a garden when mo finally move to our new home next year.

So since we don’t grow our own food, I go to a local farmer and get what we need.

Look at some of the things we got last time.


image image

Oh and by the way, shopping at the local farm has more than halved our grocery bill. And this is great since the children seem to eat more than us- did I mention that they are 18 months and 3 1/2 years?


2 thoughts on “Getting Produce at a Local Farm

  1. Cheaper to shop a the farm market? That’s awesome. I kind of assumed local stuff would be more expensive. I’m going to have to start making a better effort to get more local produce 🙂

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