Sunshine Fruit Punch

I have been making a lot of yellow smoothies. I think a post about beta carotene is going to have to be in order.

Any way here is the recipe.


2 mango longs (most resembles this variety here)

1/2 cup fresh diced pineapple

1 1/2 cup coconut milk


Blend all Ingredients together.

These mangoes are very sweet, but hairy. Straining the drink is preferred, but some people might not mind using it without straining. I however strain mine. Normally I would use another variety of mango but since they are the only variety my husband can eat, I decided to use them and make this shake for him.

If using another variety of mango that is not hairy, you can freeze the fruit and blend with cold milk.


image image

PS. if you notice the mango carefully, you will see that it is bitten. Well a little person who loves mangoes as much as I do stuck a bite in the mango


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