Homemade Coconut Oil and Coconut Cream

I often make my own coconut milk since organic, fresh, “delicious” coconuts are readily where I am. Now using the term organic in relation to coconuts is so strange to me as the only images I have of coconuts is of them growing in backyards where people never used pesticides, but rather fertilized their gardens with cow, sheep or chicken manure or a combination of any of those. I also have images of coconut trees growing freely in gullies, on the shore line or in an area teaming with vegetation of all kinds, growing wild…growing free, unmolested by humans, except to pick them to sell along the streets….So all I know is organic, “normal” coconuts.

But I must confess before I go any further, I cannot use too much coconut, I cannot us raw coconut meat (no jelly, no hard coconut meat) and only coconut milk sparingly. And I definitely cannot drink coconut water. Growing up this was a bust at first since we had 3 coconut trees in our backyard and all the family would enjoy drinking this refreshing coconut water straight from the coconut or “beastly cold”. Me on the other hand preferred delicious tap water lol.

Anyway, I think that is enough of a trip down memory lane.

I got some coconuts and I made some milk with a few of them, but i still had 2 remaining. I wanted to make some milk to put in some oats and so I got one of the coconuts and shook it. Almost all of the water was gone. I cracked it open and there was literally about 1 tsp of water left inside, but it was still good- the meat inside was still white, just on the darker side.

So I blended it with 3 cups of water and made my own coconut milk. I put the coconut milk in the refrigerator and allowed it to chill for 6 hours to allow the cream to separate, leaving the oil on the bottom.

It looks scary in this poor quality pic, but most of my pictures are that way anyhow lol. I am slowly beginning to get better at taking pictures so soon I shall have some great pics posted.


So now I have 2 ways to make coconut milk.

1) use a coconut with almost all of the water gone- you have to keep checking it to make sure it does not dog bad.

2) leave coconut meat out on the counter for about 3 hours.

Blend coconut meat with 2-3 cups of water and refrigerate for at least 6 hour but preferably for more than 24 hours.



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