Quinoa Blondie with Strawberry Preserves

This week we were looking at letter h and I decided to make heart and house shaped cookies with both children’s.

Well, my son had already put the flour in the bowl and I turned away to look at my eggplant on the stove for a moment. Then he said,”I’m going to Putin the water.” And I told him not to do it since I had not measured it out beforehand. He insisted he was going to put in the water and I again said no. But, before I could get back to him, he said “I am pouring it in.” And in went the entire contents of the water jug. Thank goodness it was not full.

Anyways, it was WAY too much water and so I had to add in a combination of brown rice flour and tapioca flour to try to save it. I poured it sin a square pan and bake it.

What we ended up with was some lovely blondies that were absolutely delicious!! And guess what. I don’t have a recipe for it. So now I have to try to reproduce these blondies.


I made some strawberry preserves and now I’ve got a little recipe that I am trying to perfect.



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