Living THROUGH HG Part 1. Some of the things HG sufferers like myself experience!


A while back I posted Vegan, Pregnant and HG Part 1 which was a very little insight into how it was to be vegan and have HG and still maintain the vegan diet despite being so sick.

Well this post is really about a lot of the challenges that women who suffer from HG face and what it was like for me going through it.

Several women with HG usually find out earlier about their pregnancy because of the high HcG levels

When I got pregnant back in 2009, my husband and I were both thrilled! We found out very early because I was not so patiently waiting for the earliest time that I could test. Well to be completely honest, I first tested a week too early because I just could not wait! Anyway, when I got the positive result it was VERY positive so we were hoping for twins. But nope. No such luck. The very positive result was because of high HcG levels, which is common in women who suffer from HG.

I felt so terrible I literally thought I was going to die at any moment!

A week or so after finding out I was pregnant, I began to feel TERRIBLE! I felt listless and not just listless but lethargic and not just lethargic, bu ON THE VERGE OF DEATH. I literally thought that something was horribly wrong and I probably was going to die! My back hurt, my stomach hurt, my head hurt, my muscles and joints ached. I could not concentrate. I had no appetite, I felt so terrible that I was convinced that at any moment I was going to die!

Not all medical professionals understand what HG is all about!

I quickly went to a GP because I could not believe that my symptoms were pregnancy related and I wanted to get into any doctor as soon as possible. Well the doctor simply told me that it was just the pregnancy and to eat mints, use ginger, chamomile tea and take some vitamins and I should be better.

My appointment came with the Ob/Gyn and by this time I had figured out that I really was producing a lot of saliva and if I swallowed it I threw up immediately. So to avoid throwing up, I had to spit. Well, at the Ob/Gyn’s office, I was called in to see the nurse and when she saw that I was spitting she said (notice that I am directly quoting. This statement is part of the list of things said during HG that I will never forget)

“You need to train yourself not to spit. Just swallow it. The reason women spit is because they get into the habit of spitting it out and if you just swallow it you will stop.” 

Well I went into the see the doctor and told him everything I was experiencing and he prescribed some medication, talked about using ginger, sweets, eating in smaller quantities etc. 

I went home and tried all of these things and nothing worked!

I was suffering from debilitating, chronic nausea

I constantly felt nauseous and I could hardly move or do anything. When I woke up, I would often not want to get out of bed because I woke up feeling so ill, even before I moved to do anything. The nausea was so bad that I often had to sit because I was just so sick to my stomach that I could not move. My stomach felt bloated, upset,and when it was like that I wished that I could just throw up to get rid of that feeling. But, throwing up did not get rid of that feeling. Throwing up was a WHOLE other story which is actually A LOT WORSE than the nausea!

Things started to get very quiet and lonely

Because I was experiencing the pthyalism, I started to speak less when I realized that the more I spoke, the more I swallowed the saliva and the more I through up. It was getting silent and lonely as I chose rather not to talk instead of throwing up. Conversations with friends and family disappeared and were limited to very short interactions with some of my family or girlfriends who would call to check to see how things were going.

I’m going to stop here for now. If I don’t this post will get extremely long as I have almost 9 months of HG struggles to talk about. So look out for Part 2 of my HG struggles.

If you are interested in finding out more information about HG visit


3 thoughts on “Living THROUGH HG Part 1. Some of the things HG sufferers like myself experience!

  1. Thanks so much for writing more about your experience with HG! (And for sharing this link with me.) Everything you write is so, so true, and I especially relate to the last part about how limited your social interaction becomes when you cannot talk without it worsening the nausea significantly. I find I avoid visiting friends or having them visit me (because they or their houses have unpredictable smells) and I can’t talk on the phone, etc. It can get sooo lonely! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Found this due to being part of the same babycenter HG group. While my experience may be different, I could relate to some of this.

    I’m happy that you are talking about this!!! More people need to know.

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