Simple, Natural Living

Over the past decades, many things have gotten a lot easier and more convenient. Fast food is very prevalent and unfortunately many of us find ourselves frequently indulging in fast food despite research is showing how bad it is for our health. Added to us consuming these conveniences, we feed it to our children, including when they are babies.

Life is more convenient, food preparation is more convenient, cleaning supplies are more convenient…and we are getting sicker because of it!!

Even though I have been vegan for 5 years now, much of the food I was consuming was highly processed and really not good for me. Living where I live, surviving on one income and dealing with food allergies have all propelled me in the direction of simple, natural living.

And here I am. Preparing 99% of our food from scratch, making healthier food choices, using green cleaning products, using only 1 item from a can (tomato paste), using natural home remedies and beauty products…

In the last year I have found many wonderful blogs, sites and information about eating healthier and being healthier. I have gained so much knowledge in this area, and made so many reforms too! Yet I have a LONG way to go. But, I’m going….

Simple, natural living seems so hard, so inconvenient, so archaic… but it is the BEST!

So right now on my list of things to do to live a more natural and simpler life I plan to:

1) Eat organic

2) Eat non GMO products

3) Compost

4) Start my own garden so that one day we will eat mostly or only food we have grown

5) Use only natural cleaning, beauty products

6) Get a better understanding of natural remedies

I’m taking one step at a time on this journey but I will reach these goals.


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