Too stressed…..

I am seriously under A LOT of stress!

I barely get 4 hours of sleep it that much at night. Then during the day there is not time to sleep because my 2 year old fights his nap like no body’s business. During this time he gets into everything! Then when he finally goes to sleep, the baby is up! So no rest here for me!

But the challenge is not done. I still have 3 days to get task 9 done! My son is already up and trying to tell me what to type for this post, lol, so I will see how this one will be worked in….

Many of us are facing stressful situations everyday- it’s just life. But the thing about it, we have to try not to become STRESSED even though everything around us is stressful.

So RELAX! How ever you can accomplish it, but make sure you are relaxed.

Here are 9 things to help relax

1) Take a walk outside in nature (Task 7?)

2) Go to the beach, park or some place nice and calming

3) Read a book

4) Treat yourself- go shopping (don’t overspend as this is another source of major stress)

5) Spend time alone -parents, especially Stay at Home parents will definitely appreciate this one

6) Get out and socialize with uplifting company

7) Pamper yourself (Did anyone say Task 10?- Yes starting today to be exact)

8) Laugh

9) Trust in God (for those who do not believe in God, have a positive attitude)


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