I’m Up! Time for Task 9!

Oh these last few tasks just seemed to fly by. Seriously! I had no time to get all the information posted in time.

But here we are at Task 9- Get up early and take time to eat an un-rushed breakfast.

It’s early. The house is still. Everyone here is still sleeping and I am bout to steal into the kitchen to make my breakfast. “What am I having?” You might wonder. Well I’m having a strawberry, banana smoothie, a garden burger with cassava chips. I  guess by now you have realized that I have been using a LOT of cassava. Yum! Now my son is getting in on the cassava love!

Well I’m off to get started on breakfast. Hope you enjoy this task and your day- one less stressful thing.

Do you know the dangers of stress? Be sure to pop back for this information. (Sorry I did not post it earlier but…..)

health challenge BUTTON


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