Why is Getting Outside Important? Task 7

Getting outside is important because it helps us to get fresh air, sunlight and be out in nature or at least a less confined area. There are so many benefits to being outside in nature that we often overlook, or simply may not even have known.

We should all try to be outside for at least 30 minutes every day. This is just 2.08 % of the day and can you imagine that it would greatly improve our quality of life and our overall health?!! Can you imagine what more time outside would do?

So let’s ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you getting enough outside time?
  • How much time do you spend outside?
  • How much time do you spend indoors?
  • What percentage of time do you spend outdoors each day? (Outside time/24 hours x 100)
  • What percentage of time are you sleeping each night? (total night sleep/24 Hours x 100)
  • What percentage of time are you spending indoors, excluding sleep time? (100% – (outside time + total night sleep). This shows you how much time you are spending cooped up, be it inside a car, train, bus, office or home.

I worked out the time I spent inside today and it is almost 71%.  I am aiming to keep this number below 65% everyday. This is my personal goal and I reach this or do better most days due to playing with little ones outside.

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