Beet juice- of course it is sugar free!

This morning I decided to make some muffins. I am trying out recipes for my children’s upcoming birthday party. So I made some vanilla muffins and carob, peppermint ones. Oh boy were they good. But then I remembered ” Task 6- sugar free!” Too late, I had already eaten both kinds.

So now I decided to try and redeem myself with this beet juice. 😉


1 beet

1 apple

a little ginger root


Peel beet. Juice beet, apple and ginger and serve immediately.

So the above was the recipe I intended to use. But…..I could not find any ginger. So I improvised and put in 2 strawberries instead



It tasted really nice. The strawberries actually gave it a very nice flavour.

And no! I will not be posting the recipes for the muffins today. I don’t want anyone to be tempted like I was….And I didn’t get any good pictures and they are almost gone. I made 18 muffins.


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