Spiced Orange Scrub


I am sitting here about to mix my scrub to put on my face and hands. Both children are asleep and I’m happily on the porch, mirror at hand. Yah!


1 tbsp brown sugar

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp grated orange rind

1 tbsp olive oil

Mix all ingredients well. Wash face with warm water to open pores. Apply mask to face and hands and leave on for up to five minutes. Rinse with warm water and then with cold to re-close the pores.

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Berry Banana Milkshake

So I did get to make my milkshake this morning for breakfast. I thought I had blue berries but it turned out I had blackberries. Well i used them and might I just add that is was DELICIOUS!


4 frozen blackberries

3 frozen strawberries

1 tbsp agave nectar

3 cups homemade coconut milk

2 frozen bananas


Blend fruit with a little coconut milk until it is smooth. Add remaining milk and agave and blend. Add ice if you wish or serve as is.

Enjoy. I sure did.


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Last Day of 30 Day Health Challenge

That’s right! Today is the final day of the 30 Day Health Challenge and boy was it a blast!

I learned so much as I prepared the research to present to you and as I did these challenges along with you.

Coming on to the end of the challenge I had a few difficulties so I could not post as often as I would have liked. I even was forced to skip out a few posts. But, I will post them in the near future.

Can you imagine that these 10 simple tasks have me feeling so much better?! How about you? My mother was doing the challenge along as well, and she reported that she lost 8lbs! Go mom!

Well, today I’m going to end out with a blast- I’m going to be using my cinnamint blast foot scrub, I’ll be  taking a nice long bath after I have used my spiced sugar scrub, and after I have done the Lemon, Honey and Brown Sugar face scrub and manicure using this same recipe.

For breakfast I will be having a blue berry and strawberry sugar free smoothie for sure.

I hope to take the children out to the park so I will be getting in more than 30 minutes of exercise and outside time as I push them in the twin strainer down to the park and then back home.

Lunch is going to be vegetable stir fried rice with lentil burgers.

I’m going to end off using the baking soda and strawberry as my toothpaste and floss while I quietly sit and watch some movie-maybe Ever After?

Well that is all that I can think of now since I have to run off and tend to a teething baby.

Task 10 Begins today

Today is the start of Task 10 of the 30 Day Health Challenge.

Check out the post for the scrubs and facial recipes that were posted earlier.

our skin is the largest organ for our bodies and often goes unnoticed.  Yet our skin often indicates when all is not well with our other organs.

So for these next 3 days let’s take care of our skin using 100% natural or almost 100% natural products.



Too stressed…..

I am seriously under A LOT of stress!

I barely get 4 hours of sleep it that much at night. Then during the day there is not time to sleep because my 2 year old fights his nap like no body’s business. During this time he gets into everything! Then when he finally goes to sleep, the baby is up! So no rest here for me!

But the challenge is not done. I still have 3 days to get task 9 done! My son is already up and trying to tell me what to type for this post, lol, so I will see how this one will be worked in….

Many of us are facing stressful situations everyday- it’s just life. But the thing about it, we have to try not to become STRESSED even though everything around us is stressful.

So RELAX! How ever you can accomplish it, but make sure you are relaxed.

Here are 9 things to help relax

1) Take a walk outside in nature (Task 7?)

2) Go to the beach, park or some place nice and calming

3) Read a book

4) Treat yourself- go shopping (don’t overspend as this is another source of major stress)

5) Spend time alone -parents, especially Stay at Home parents will definitely appreciate this one

6) Get out and socialize with uplifting company

7) Pamper yourself (Did anyone say Task 10?- Yes starting today to be exact)

8) Laugh

9) Trust in God (for those who do not believe in God, have a positive attitude)

Garden Burger

This morning I was supposed to enjoy a nice un-rushed breakfast for Task 9 of the 30 Day Health Challenge. Well that was a bust because both children woke up before I could even prepare breakfast.

Anyway, I still managed to do breakfast- garden burger, boiled cassava instead of the cassava chips, and a strawberry smoothie.

Here’s the Garden Burger.


1 1/2 cup cooked lentils

3/4 cup split pea flour

1/2 large carrot

4 ounces pumpkin (just average like I do)

1 clove garlic

1/4 white onion

1/4 red onion

1 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 long scallion

1 chive


Grate carrot and pumpkin and set aside in a bowl. Blend onion,garlic, scallion and chive and add to carrot and pumpkin. Add remaining ingredients except split pea flour and mix well. Add flour and mix again making sure it is completely combined.


Shallow fry until edges become crispy.

For baked burgers, add 2 tbsp of oil to the mixture. Form burgers into desired size and place on a greased baking tray and bake until the edges begin to get crispy. Flip patties and bake until the burgers are dark brown.


Hope you enjoy them as much as my son and I did. We all ate breakfast together, my son, daughter and I. It was not a rushed breakfast but it was a bit stressful as my son had A LOT of energy this morning. But, I’ll try this again tomorrow 😉

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