Easy Exercises To Begin With- Task 2 Prep 2 Feb 2013

This is Day 2 of the 30 Day Health Challenge. How is it going for you? Did you manage to get in your 8 glasses yesterday? I sure did, but it was a bit of a struggle. I really had not realised that I was not drinking that much water until i saw how much 8 glasses really was.

Now I faintly remember reading somewhere that a habit is formed in 21 days so I am hoping that at the end of this challenge it would be second nature for me to drink water.

Here are some simple enough exercises to start with.

These are the exercises I will be starting with

 1) Windmills

2) Jumping jacks

3) Jogging- we got a bicycle trailer and I’ll be using this to take the children out on my jog. Sometimes I might let my son jog with me but I think that it will make my jog turn into a run. 🙂

and the low impact exercises

4) Walking

5) Cycling

6) Swimming- I really can’t swim that well so this will kill me!! 

7) Biking- Loving our new bike trailer.

Here are 9 basic Exercises you can do (taken Fitness and Health by Jerome Carter) 

(1) Stretch—while sitting, lying, or standing.

(2) Straighten your spine—while standing with your back against the wall.

(3) Expand your chest.

(4) Suck in your stomach—while sitting or bending over.

(5) Flex your arms—by pushing, pulling, and reaching.

(6) Bend your legs—by squatting, climbing, and walking.

(7) Limber your toes and feet.

(8) Firm your muscles—by bouncing, pinching, and kneading them.


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2 thoughts on “Easy Exercises To Begin With- Task 2 Prep 2 Feb 2013

  1. Drank my water for Day 1. The great thing was my body was craving for more first thing this morning. God has designed us in such a wonderful way. Have a great “wet” Day 2.

    • Mine was craving water too, but thing Is, my body had so long been without enough water and I did not know it. So I made so much bathroom trips yesterday. Lol. Hoping for fewer trips today.

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