1 Glass Down. 7 More to Go!!

I woke up extra early this morning since someone called a wrong number and woke me up!! Anyway I followed the advice on when to drink water and drank 1 glass of warm water as soon as I got up, at least 30 minutes before breakfast. So 1 glass down!

By lunch I hope to have at least drank 3 glasses of water or maybe 4 if I am good and depending on how strenuous playing with my son is lol!

Anyway, I know it is early, but how is it going for you?


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12 thoughts on “1 Glass Down. 7 More to Go!!

  1. Wow! I did not realize how little water I was actually drinking each day. My body was like woah lady! Where is all this water coming from all of a sudden? I went to the bathroom so much and I still have not gotten in all 8 glasses yet. I am at 5 but I got 2 more hours before bedtime so we’ll see what happens

  2. I hope your water challenge continues to go well! I keep a big 32 oz cup of water with me all of the time – icy and with lemon. It keeps me drinking all day long. THanks for linking up with Wellness Wednesdays @ intoxicatedonlife.com 🙂

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