Tips on exercising- Task 2 Prep


Never Exercise Before?

Seriously, some of us have not done a structured exercise routine since we were little. Thinking about Exercising Every Day for at least 30 minutes is daunting for some of us, to say the least. Well I have an advantage in this area- I have 2 children and my son recently started telling me “Mommy let’s exercise” and he started doing these dance like moves. lol. I suppose it is some sort of exercise. So I have my partner. 

Well here are some tips on how to exercise from Fitness and Health by Jerome Carter.

1) Workout with a partner. You are 80 percent more likely to be successful if you don’t try to do it alone! Recruit someone to work with you!

2) After dinner, head out for a walk with your spouse for a few minutes. If you can’t leave the kids, take them with you. This is a great way to get in some quality time away from the television.

3) If you can’t leave the television, use a stationary bike. During your favorite show, ride the bike. You get the exercise you need without missing your television program and time will fly by.

4) Work out to music. Music is a great motivator. You can try to work out to the beat of the music. Obviously it has to be fairly fast, classical music doesn’t work as well. Time your repetitions to the length of a song.

5) Do sports and other physical activities that you enjoy. Swimming, playing a game with the kids and even joining a sports team or a martial arts class is a great way to get in exercise without it feeling like exercise.

Hope you use some of these tips for this task which begins 2 February 2013.



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