Is There Such A Thing as Drinking Too Much Water?

photo (3)

P.S. the water is not yellow but white. The lighting has it looking a bit yellow to me. Hubby wast the photographer 😉

For most people drinking 8 glasses of water is great. However there are some people who might experience problems due to underlying medical conditions. 

So what happens when people who are at risk get too much water.?

Excessive water intake causes electrolytes in the blood, including sodium to become overly diluted. Overhydration occurs in individuals whose kidneys do not function normally, primarily in kidney, heart, or liver disease. People with these conditions may have to limit their water and dietary salt intake. Similar to dehydration, the brain is the most sensitive organ to overhydration. The brain cells can adapt to increased fluid volume when overhydration increases slowly, however, when it occurs rapidly, mental confusion, seizures, and coma can result.

Check out the references below for ALL the information posted about water.


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