Exercise? Why Should I?- Task 2 Prep

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Exercise takes a lot of work and in our busy schedules sometimes we ask ourselves, “Do I really have to exercise today? After all, I have been going non-stop and I am too tired to exercise.”

But exercise is not one of those things that we should skip because we are too tired to do. Instead there are other things that we can and probably should cut out or our routines. But we will look at this later.

Below is some information that I primarily got from a book called 8 Laws Harvest Time.

So why should we exercise?

 (1) Exercise will improve the tone of your muscles and blood vessels, changing them from weak and flabby tissue to strong and firm tissue, often reducing blood pressure in the process.

(2) It will increase the efficiency of your heart in several ways. Gradually it will grow stronger and pump more blood with each stroke, thus reducing the number of strokes needed to supply your body with life-giving blood.

(3) It will improve your digestion by quickening the circulation and helping to lift the blood back to the heart from the digestive organs and thus normalizing your bowel action.

(4) It will increase the efficiency of your lungs, conditioning them to process more air with less effort.

(5) It will increase your maximum oxygen consumption by increasing the amount available and the efficiency of its delivery to body cells.

(6) It will improve the overall condition of your body, especially your most vital parts: the lungs, heart, blood vessels, and endocrine system. This will impart added protection against sickness.

(7) It can change your whole outlook on life, enabling you to relax, work more efficiently, and handle stress better. When not overdone, it imparts a cheerful quality to the mind.

(8) It will enable you to sleep better at night and think better during the day. Exercise strengthens the will. You will be able to get more work done with less fatigue.

(9) It will slow down your aging process— by slowing down the natural physical deterioration that old age normally brings. It will give you a new zest for life at a time when you most need it. And there is evidence that it can reduce the likelihood of cancer.”

So exercise is not just something that people do to look good or pass time- IT IS A NECESSITY FOR HEALTH AND SEEKING TO HAVE A GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE.

References: Fitness and Health by Jerome Carter (I’ll update this with the complete reference)


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5 thoughts on “Exercise? Why Should I?- Task 2 Prep

  1. Exercise has made a big difference in my life! One difference you haven’t mentioned is that exercise can help you to meet other challenges in your life. As a runner preparing myself to run longer distances, I need to do mental work along with the physical work which is helping me be more disciplined in other areas of my life.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Motivation Monday! I look forward to reading your next post.

    • Thanks for mentioning this! Often we forget that exercise is not just for the body but also for the mind as well. The discipline of exercise is something that we all need.
      I’m glad to be linking up with you. Love Motivation Monday!

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