Natural Decongestant


Both children have caught the cold and last night was a really rough time as our daughter was extremely congested. She kept waking up because she could not breathe. We had put some saline drops in her nose as well as put our natural decongestant remedy in a sock and pin it on to her. We do not put it directly on her skin because the oils are potent and might blister her.

She is alot better this morning and is currently taking her morning nap- yes we are up EXTREMELY early, but it works out great when it is summer and we go for early morning hikes.


2 tsp peppermint oil

2 tsp eucalyptus oil

1 tsp white lavender oil

1 cup coconut oil or olive oil. I used olive oil

Place all ingredients in a bottle and give it a shake.

I put a few drops of this on cotton wool and placed it in a sock and pinned it onto her shirt, so that she could breathe better. You can also put it in a shallow bowl of boiling hot water to let the steam fill the room.

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9 thoughts on “Natural Decongestant

  1. Very interesting. I’ve always used Vicks – and we use Alkolol (a eucalyptus mix) for sinus lavage sometimes – but that’s for nasal/sinus and not chest congestion. I’ve got some lavender essential oil – I guess I should check into the rest of them!
    I’m visiting by way of Sarah’s Homemaking Link Up – have linked my mom’s vintage embroidery which I was posting over the weekend.
    Thanks for the info! Jenn

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this…I know it will come in handy soon! (Although I do wish it wouldn’t! 🙂

    Thanks for linking with my Homemaking Weekend. Hope you’ll be back Thursday!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

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