When to Drink More Water

Ever wonder if you are getting enough water? I sure do and sometimes following the 8 glasses per day rule is not enough.

You need to drink more water when: 

1) Your urine a dark yellow and has a strong smell. This means that you probably need more water (I’ll explain why I said “probably” and not “definitely” as you read on).  If it’s light yellow, your body probably has enough water .  Please note that when you are taking a multivitamin it will make your urine VERY yellow. 

2) You are in hot climates since you will sweat more and loose more water that way.

3) You are more physically active. Again you will loose more water through perspiration etc.

4) You have a fever.

5) You have diarrhea or vomiting.

6) You are pregnant. (Of course you know I am only talking to the ladies here)

So now we know when we should drink more water let’s break out those water bottles and get started on our way to better health!

Don’t forget to join the 30 Day Health Challenge.

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