Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils. Now my House Smells Oh So GOOD!!

I am trying to move away from the conventional products like cleaners, deodorizers and personal care products because of the things that they contain that can be harmful to our bodies.

I am beginning to learn about using essential oils. Just last year (ok a few weeks ago in December 2012 :), I bought some lemon oil to put in some body scrubs I was making as gifts, but unfortunately I did not have the time to make that particular scent. Well yesterday on a social group for moms that I am in, I saw persons posting about using lemon and lavender oil (which I already use) as:

~ air fresheners

~ deodorizers

~ cleansers

~ bath oils

among other things. So I whipped out the spray bottle and add a cap full of lemon oil and went to town spraying everything. And when I say everything I mean everything! I sprayed the walls, the curtains, the windows, the ceiling (and you could say me too since the mist promptly fell on me), the cupboards. Boy does the house smell nice and lemony!!


Now I poured the red lavender oil in both the top and the bowl of the toilet bowl.  I had previously put a few drops of that in a glass bowl that i had filled with baking soda so that as the baking soda absorbs the scents the lavender would act as an air freshener.


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