Garlic Oil

I posted earlier about the benefits of garlic here and how it could be used to treat fungal infections.

Well, my husband got something in his hair we assume from going to the barber. He has been to the doctor and spent alot of money on anti-fungal creams to get rid of this thing.

Nothing worked.

All the while I was telling him “Use the garlic oil. It will work. It is going to work better that those other medications…..” But he did not listen..then.

Anyhow, after some time (a very long time at that) he finally decided to try the garlic oil. And now the problem has nearly resolved. He is not consistent and often forgets to put it on but from the second application we saw a BIG difference.

Here is the recipe I used for the garlic oil. Nothing special.

Garlic Oil

~3 cloves of garlic grated and stuffed in a 30 ml bottle (that’s the size bottle I had). Then fill with grape seed oil. Place in a sunny window for 10 days.

~Similarly you could grate a pod of garlic and add to 500 ml of grapeseed oil (that’s the size bottle I buy) and simmer for about 45 minutes. Let cool and pour in a glass container or bottle.

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