No Poo

So today I decided that I had to wash my hair today. Both children were finally asleep and I was ready to take a nice shower and so I decided “Why not? I’ll try no poo today” Not because I have looked at all the chemicals and additives the put in shampoos and decided that it was the worst thing I could do, but because I read about it on this site and it came back to me so I decided I would try it.

So I got a table spoon of baking soda and started to the shower. But alas I heard my 6 month old whimper- Oh no she’s up!!!!! Ahhh!!! There goes my nice relaxing me time!!!! Oh well!!!

So off I went into the shower with my table spoon of baking soda. I wet my hair and rubbed it in and pulled through my hair with my fingers. Then I rinsed twice and took a quick shower before my daughter started to really let me know she was up and out I jumped. Hair and shower done!

I think my hair feels great by the way.

Now I’m off to play with the baby then coax her back to sleep before my 2 year old gets up.


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