Selecting, Keeping, and Using Garlic

This information was sent to me but the references were unfortunately left out. When I recieve them I will update this post. But for now here it is


Roasting Garlic

To roast garlic, just remove the outermost layer of papery covering and place the bulb in a baking dish. Drizzle some olive oil on top of the bulb, cover the baking dish with aluminum foil, and bake in an oven heated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about one hour.

Serve the roasted garlic with whole-grain bread.


Preparing Garlic for Cooking

To prepare garlic for cooking, simply break the cloves you need off the bulb.

To make peeling the papery covering off the cloves easier, heat the cloves for about ten seconds or so. This loosens the covering. Then chop the peeled cloves with a knife or a garlic press, a device that squeezes the clove through several small holes.


Getting the most benefits from garlic

You get the most health benefits from fresh garlic cloves that you chop or crush just before you add them to your recipes. According to research published in 2008 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the amount of allicin decreases rapidly. In fact, garlic preserved in oil lost half of its allicin content in just six hours. Garlic stored in water fared better, but half of the allicin disappeared within six days.

Pre-chopped garlic is not as powerful as fresh garlic; however, it retains much of its health benefit and many people like the convenience. If you choose pre-chopped garlic, buy it in small jars and store the garlic in the refrigerator after it has been opened.


Garlic supplements, such as Garlique, are available. Many people prefer taking supplements to avoid the after-effect of “garlic breath.” The garlic odor can be diminished by using an enteric coating on the capsules, which ensures the garlic is released in the small intestine instead of the stomach.


Oven Fried Garlic Potatoes

When I am really busy dealing and I want something that I don’t have to spend a lot of time “watching” I just throw this together. It’s does not call for any fancy preparation so I will often resort to this when I find myself pressed for time. I just put it in the oven and go about doing my other things.


3/4 cloves garlic

½  medium red onion

½ medium white onion

1 tbsp oregano

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp paprika

1 tbsp basil

2 sprigs thyme

2 tsp salt (or salt to taste)

1 large English potato

1 large sweet potato

1 tbsp oil



Peel potatoes and cut into wedges and place in a baking dish. Grate garlic and white onion on the smallest side of a grater and add to the potatoes. Remove the leaves from the thyme and add the herbs salt and oil to the potatoes and mix thoroughly. Thinly slice red onion into rings and add to the potatoes and toss.

Cover with foil and bake for 25mins at 350 or until they are cooked.

This picture is before the oil has been put in, so it does not have any red onion in it either.

Great Cake (Soy, Corn, Gluten Free; Vegan )


Where I live there is this delicious fruit cake that we affectionately call a Great Cake. When done properly it indeed is great! My cousin made one of these cakes for my wedding (well actually 9-a 3 tier 2 tier and single cake) , which is the traditional type of cake used at weddings here. It was so delicious, but it had in flour it.

Now I am trying to get a gluten free recipe that comes close to the one I had.  The wises thing would be for me to get the recipe from my cousin and just substitute things. But nope! I am not going to do that right now. I am going to continue for a bit more with my experimenting and then I’ll ask her.

So here’s one of the recipes I have tried.


2 cups cassava flour

1 ½ cup brown rice flour

1 cup dates

½ cup raisins

1 cup prunes, pitted

1 tbsp (heaped) almond butter (optional)the traditional recipe calls for peanut butter

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp spice

1 tsp orange rind

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup oil

1 cup water

1 cup hot water



Set oven to 350. Prepare a 12 inch round pan by greasing with oil and then flouring with brown rice flour.

Soak dates in hot water until they become soft. Add raisins, prunes and orange rind to a blender with water. Add the soaked dated to the blender and process until smooth. Add oil and almond butter and process for 30 second more.

In a bowl add flours, cinnamon and nutmeg and mix well. Add mixed fruit and mix thoroughly.

Pour into prepared pan and bake for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.

NB. If you insert a knife it will not come out clean but the cake is very much cooked and delicious!

If you refrigerate it (I have ants but you can definitely leave it on the counter) and eat it after 2 days it tastes better.

Quinoa & Brown Rice Pancakes(Gluten, Soy, Corn free; Vegan)


½ cup quinoa flakes (ancient harvest)

½ cup brown rice flour

2 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp grape seed oil

1 tbsp (heaped) almond butter

¾ cup water

Extra oil for greasing frying pan



Mix quinoa, brown rice flour and sugar together. Add almond butter and oil and mix well. Add water and mix. Batter should look like cooked oatmeal. For thinner pancakes add more water.

Heat a frying pan and lightly coat with oil. Spoon 1 tbsp batter (I used a regular soup spoon) into pan an make a circle. Cook until edges begin to turn brown. Flip and cook other side.

Makes about 8-10 pancakes.