No Internet- One Way to Get A Healthy Mind!

Wow! I had no internet for a while so I could not post anything on the blog, so for this I apologize.

But during this ‘down time’ I realized that without the internet I seemed to be at a complete loss as to what to do for the few moments I have of free time at night. And you know what

I realized?… I spend a lot of this free time at night on the computer instead of spending it talking with my husband.

Here I am talking about being healthy on this blog while neglecting an aspect of being healthy. Engaging in stimulating, thought provoking, fun, enjoyable (and all the other stuff that I have no space to write) conversation  is also a part of being healthy. Health does not only relate to the body, but also to the mind, as well as the spirit.

Although the time I spend on the computer is at most 3 hours at night (and this is not every night) it is still too much since it is cutting into my conversation (bonding) time with my husband.

So even though the computer and technology in general is great, if it is taking away from  having real conversations, spending time socializing, reading or anything that stimulates the mind in a positive way, it needs to be limited. We need to apply the 5th step to being healthy here.

So from now on I plan to apply this to anything I do, so that I can be totally healthy- body, mind ans Spirit.

I am really glad that I was able to learn this lesson this week!


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