Rice and cassava flour fruit cake

I was baking some sweet potato for lunch today. When I looked in the oven I realized that I had all this oven space that I could utilize. So being energy conscious I decided to make a fruit cake using rice and cassava flour.

I did not measure anything but it came out with a pretty decent texture.

Here are the ingredients I used: rice flour, cassava flour, prunes, dated, dried apricots, brown sugar, sunflower oil as I ran out grape seed oil.

It was not as sweet as I wanted it so right now as I type, I have it soaking in some pear juice that I reduced with some brown sugar and cinnamon. When I think it has soaked long enough (about 30 minutes or so) I will pour off the excess water and pop it back in the oven for 5 minutes on high.

Hope this makes a difference

I’ll do a proper recipe with measurements soon-hopefully in the next few days or so.


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